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Plex haircare

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Introducing Pelham Matrix’s revolutionary Plex Haircare range, a meticulously crafted private label collection poised to redefine the haircare industry. These cutting-edge products are strategically formulated with innovative ingredients that transcend conventional haircare solutions. Pelham Matrix has curated a line designed to restore bonds within the hair structure, repair damage from environmental stressors and styling routines, and ultimately promote a lustrous, healthy mane that radiates vitality.

Cosmeceuticals Market Research

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The cosmeceuticals market is a rapidly growing industry, driven by a growing demand for products that can address specific skin concerns such as aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, and dryness.

How to create your new haircare products

Ordering your next product line couldn’t be easier. Choose from our innovative formulations, pick a pre-tested packing option and tell us how many units you need. We’ll then send you a quote before moving into production and artwork. You could have your new product in-hand in as little as 8 weeks from approval.


Select your formula

from our highly innovative cosmeceuticals range


Choose your pack format

from a selection of pre-tested options


Set your order quantity

minimum order quantity 1000pcs


Customise your packaging

with labels, print options and finishes

Fast. Flexible. Fabulous!

Delivery in as little as 8 weeks from artwork sign-off

Why use Pelham Matrix?

Hot trends

Discover hot trend-led products dropping every 3 months.

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Sephora Clean List compliant ingredients in all our products.

Just like you and your customers, we care about what goes into products. That’s why our formulations are all Sephora Clean List compliant.


Launch new lines with ZERO development and testing costs.

Product development can be costly and time consuming. That’s why we’ve taken it off the table for you. With pre-tested active formulations and packs. 


Choose from our beautiful pre-tested packaging components.

With Pelham Matrix, you’re not stuck with a white-label solution. We’ve pre-tested a range of packaging components to give you much more choice.


Get your next best seller into the market in as little as 8 weeks.

Thanks to our streamlined manufacturing process, you can have your new product in-hand just 8 weeks after approval of final packaging artwork.

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